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Canary Shipping Co. is one of the largest shipping company in Libya. Operated by a professionally experienced team, our business reputation has been growing steadily with expanding our service in the rapid-changing global market. Integrity, Professionalism and Forward-Looking are our core values. We build our reputation of Integrity with our principle of sustainable business. The superior management know-how and Professionalism have established the basis of our rapid expansion. With Forward-Looking attitude, we constantly polish our business instincts and professional skills with challenges and problem-solving.

Our Values

Canary Shipping Co. is committed to the general business principles and operates according to the following core values:


listen and inspire our teams


constant improvement


Our goal


Canary Shipping Agency serves the needs of its principals whether it be ship owners or ship operators. Our principals deserve the assurance that regardless of the service needed, we will step up to the plate and accept the challenge. Our highly capably team is on call, ready 24/7 to meet any need. Our Full Agency services allows us to perform a vast range of duties and services which falls under either category of owner or operator. Our professional staff and team of agents coordinate with the appropriate local affiliates and entities required to complete the job.

At Canary Shipping Co.

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