Our primary business is service. Canary Shipping Co.serves the needs of its principals whether it be ship owners or ship operators. Our principals deserve the assurance that regardless of the service needed, we will step up to the plate and accept the challenge. Our highly capably team is on call, ready 24/7 to meet any need. Our Full Agency services allows us to perform a vast range of duties and services which falls under either category of owner or operator. Our professional staff and team of agents coordinate with the appropriate local affiliates and entities required to complete the job. Our expertise in various types of vessels allows us to provide such services to a large clientele. Whether it be any type of vessel from container ships to cruise liners and everything in between, Canary Shipping Co. has the job covered.



Usbandry Agency Services (HAS) & Owners’ Protective Agency (OPA)
Quite often, vessels calling ports require more services than just general port services. Canary Shipping Agency offers in-house Husbandry Agency Services to meet the needs of owners of vessels while their ships call the ports we serve. With a wide range of husbandry services offered, owners can rest assured that their ship, crew and business are in great hands. We are very experienced in dealing with the entire spectrum of owners matters, whatever it may entail. The guarantee of excellent representation continues to be among our top priorities with our principals. Owners have peace of mind knowing that any challenge which suddenly arises while in port will be met by our professional personnel with outstanding satisfactory results.



CANARY SHIPPING Co.Ltd. Is a premier logistics provider with world-class scope and service quality designed and delivered with a true end-to-end perspective. With years of exposure in freight forwarding, we are able to secure competitive rates for our customers. Our objective is to ensure your cargo reach their destination at the right time and at the right cost.


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